Coaching FREE Strategy Session


A 55-minute consultation session (one-time only).

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Want to spend almost an hour on the phone with me for FREE? Well, you got it! In this session, we get to spend 55 minutes on the phone together.

Why am I giving you this session for free? Many people don’t understand what coaching can do for them. In fact, many have never heard of coaching before. They are kind of wary. If that’s you, sign up for the strategy coaching session. I will get on the phone with you for 55 minutes to help you discover where you are and what’s not working in your life. Then, I will help you create an exciting vision for your future. You will also discover the level of commitment you will need to live a powerful and exciting life!

The reality is, most people never make progress toward materializing their dreams because they don’t have a clue where they are in their journey. Once you are immersed and engaged in the strategy session, you will begin to notice where you are. You will also get the BIG picture of what exactly you want out of life.

Here’s my promise to you as a client: I will be fully present to serve and guide during those 55 minutes. I believe we should always deliver our best every time. It’s our time to shine! I hope you are ready!

Please NOTE: The complimentary strategy coaching session is based on availability. You have to act fast. Once my calendar fills up, you will have to go on a waiting list. Sometimes the list is really long. Yet, other times it’s a short list. It all depends on how busy my schedule is for the month. Paying clients always have first priority when it comes to scheduling. I’m 100% committed to making sure my clients are getting the results they expect. I hope you understand. Hey, that’s the kind of attention you will get as well once you sign up for one of the coaching packages.