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One of the leading coaches in the nation, Diana L. Morrow helps people from all walks of life to transform their lives. Whether it’s a millionaire, the neighborhood “mayor,” or an everyday citizen she’s coaching, she challenges them all to ask themselves the big question: “What do I really want out of life?” Discovering the true answer to this question is one of the keys to unlocking your greatness!

FREE Strategy Session

In this session, valued at $125, you get to be on the phone with me for 55 minutes. There is no charge. It’s on me. I will help you discover where you are and what’s not working in your life. Then, I will help you create an exciting vision for your future. You will also discover the level of commitment you will need to live a powerful and exciting life. The reality is most people never make progress toward materializing their dreams because they can't figure out where they are in their journey. Once you are immersed and engaged in the strategy session, you will begin to notice where you are. You will also get the BIG picture of what exactly you want out of life.

Introductory Package

This package, offered for $150 per month, is designed to whet your appetite. I believe once you get a taste of how you can transform your life through coaching, you’ll see the value and want to keep moving toward your goals! Each month we will connect on the phone three times for 30 minutes each. You also have unlimited email correspondence that is promptly answered (within reason and baring any technical difficulties beyond my control). This introductory package is designed for people who are not familiar with coaching. You get to experience how extraordinary coaching can help you experience some breakthroughs right from the start. More good news: you are not required to commit to our 90-day requirement—this introductory offer is good for only one month. Once you begin to experience your personal transformation, you can decide to move on with the more intensive package. In fact, we always recommend our introductory package to all our first time clients that are new to coaching.

Premium Package

This package, offered for $450 per month, is for people who are ready for the next level of success in every area of their lives (spiritual, financial and physical). Each month, we get on the phone four times for 60 minutes each plus you get five 10-minute “booster” calls per week and unlimited email correspondence. This is a fast-track intensive program for people who are really committed and are serious about transforming their lives or situations with a plan that is tailored to your needs and aspirations. Our initial appointment is a discovery session that jumpstarts our relationship. I will ask you some powerful questions in order to discover how you want to be coached. You are hiring me as your coach because you want to make significant changes in your life. It’s going to take at least three months to help you reinvent your life and jettison any strongholds that are holding you back. Based on our experience, the major blockades and stumbling blocks are discovered—and significant results against them can be obtained—in 90 days.

Speech Topics

Why Greatness? It’s my philosophy. Fully expressed: “Greatness lives within you! Everyone shows up with unique gifts and talents to bless the world.”


In this hour long presentation, Diana speaks from her own life experiences and keeps you on the edge of your seat, sharing the principles that will deliver breakthrough after breakthrough no matter what comes your way.


In this half-day workshop, Diana walks you through the strategic process you’ve never understood to create a Vision Board that captures your destiny. Be ready to go beyond words and pictures on cardboard and step into an extraordinary life by design.


Teaching the Body of Christ how to pray effectively.

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