My Path To Greatness

At the tender age of 15, Diana found herself a teenage parent, confused and disoriented with no sense of direction. According to many statistics, she was destined to land on welfare or live a meager existence. Most people gave up on her, but she refused to give up on herself!

Today, Diana co-pastors a thriving prayer ministry (ogvic.org) with her husband Pastor Vern and they both serve in the leadership of their home church, In Christ New Hope Ministry. In addition, Diana coaches and trains people from all walks of life, helping them break personal and professional ceilings and soar to new heights. This work has earned her the title of “The Greatness Coach.” She has also developed an exclusive line of timeless amenities that remind you of your greatness!

Speech Topics

Why Greatness? It’s my philosophy. Fully expressed: “Greatness lives within you! Everyone shows up with unique gifts and talents to bless the world.”


In this hour long presentation, Diana speaks from her own life experiences and keeps you on the edge of your seat, sharing the principles that will deliver breakthrough after breakthrough no matter what comes your way.


In this half-day workshop, Diana walks you through the strategic process you’ve never understood to create a Vision Board that captures your destiny. Be ready to go beyond words and pictures on cardboard and step into an extraordinary life by design.


Teaching the Body of Christ how to pray effectively.

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