Hello everyone!

Hope Ya’ll are having a Victorious Day! As I sit and reflect on God’s goodness, I find myself remembering a very tough time in my life. We were in an unbelievably crazy situation and this was before my daughter Grace was born so it had to be at least 6 years ago.

My girls and I were displaced and I was in between jobs. For two weeks, we lived in a two-seater car. Then we stayed with a friend for a while as I looked for a Leasing Agent job. The whole time during this situation, I faithfully continued to attend my local church, Holding on to the Word of God, I kept telling myself “this is just temporary” and “God, I know you got me”.

Praise God for His faithfulness! Long story short not only did I get a job as a Leasing Agent, I received a discount on my apartment and my discount was more than any company policy would regularly approve (FAVOR)! The company policy also stated I would have had to be working for the company for 60-90 days before I could move on the property. I was able to move into a RENOVATED APARTMENT 3 DAYS after I started the job (FAVOR)! Not only that but my Property Manager, whom I barely knew gave us a TV and furniture (FAVOR)!

My point is, all I had was my faith. Faith in God and faith in his Word. I have seen first hand how God can turn a very bad situation all the way around when you trust him. I believe in the power of prayer! So whomever is going through a bad situation, remember you are not alone!
We are available to stand in agreement with you Anytime 24/365 at 609-663-0865. God Bless!