Our Journey to OGV

Twenty years ago, the journey to OGV Ministry began, although we were not fully aware of it until decades later. Diana joined the Intercessory Prayer Ministry of World Changers Church International (WCCI) under the leadership of Pastors Creflo Jr. and Taffi Dollar in 2000. She was trained by then Minister Carol A. Jones, now Pastor of World Changers Church Marietta, under Pastor Dollar, in intercessory prayer and the development of satellite prayer room leaders. After serving as a team captain for several years, Diana joined the WCCI – Norcross (2008) and served as the Prayer Ministry Lead for six years. She also enjoyed a vast career in various industries serving in multiple capacities from corporate sales management to learning and development for 35 years.

In 2013, Diana reconnected with her Pre-K Classmate, Vern Morrow…and what a blessing that has been!!! God said for Diana to wait on His best and Vern is indeed her Boaz whom God promised. Vern and Diana married in 2014 and continue to experience God’s love and faithfulness exceedingly and abundantly more than they could ever ask or think. Vern served as a dedicated New York State Trooper for 33 years and retired in 2016. He also faithfully served through the years on Security Teams for two local ministries, before joining In Christ New Hope Ministry (ICNHM) where he serves joyfully as an Armor Bearer.

Servant Leadership
For five years, Vern and Diana were honored to develop the prayer ministry and prayer line for ICNHM under the dedicated and compassionate leadership of Pastors Roger and Madell Breedlove. They witnessed the practice of prayer enlarge in the faithful as God moved in their lives and equipped them for His glory, honor, and service. Through the repeated practice of reading and declaring the Word of God, praying consistently for Rochester’s city leaders, families, schools and businesses, the prayer team members laid claim to a life of effective, fervent, and strategic prayer.

Shepherds to Pastors
Based on God’s vision and grace, Vern and Diana were ordained as Pastors of One Global Voice in Christ Ministry (OGV) by their spiritual parents Pastors Roger and Madell Breedlove. In this humbling move Vern and Diana submitted to God’s will and design as shepherds to lead and be accountable as Pastors of OGV. ICNHM remains their local church home and the spiritual covering for OGV. Pastors Vern and Diana are grateful to the ICNHM leadership and continue to serve faithfully on the ministerial team.

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