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 Many times our testimonies are about recovery from illness, poverty, failure and the like--and I've had my share of those. This one, though, is about asking God to intervene in the mundane goings on of everyday life. 

I lost my phone on August 10. And since a phone is no longer "just a phone," the loss had the potential to impact my life in leadership, business and connections. But since God stays with us and brings good out of adversity, I know that I stand on victory ground. I relaxed and took a break from being connected. I waited to see how God wanted to show Himself strong and on my side. 

When we ask for patience or compassion or peace (etc.,) God gives us an opportunity to demonstrate it! We don't just wake up the next day patient, kind and quiet. No, we get an opportunity to deploy the patience, compassion or peace (etc.,) that we received with the great "It is finished" declaration of Jesus Christ our gloriously victorious King of kings!

Eventually, I was offered an iPhone. Yikes, I've been Android forever so Apple products seem way too over-complicated and not that nimble. I have a few simple tests. First, does it bless more than just me? If yes, take another step forward. When I said yes to receiving the gift, piles of technology jumped in my face. Whoo-boy. As I worked patiently through the mass of technology, I applied another test: This is finished. The last bit of technology required 24-48 hours. I disagreed. It would be done for me, suddenly! It was done in an hour. 

 want to share something about The One Global Voice 24 Hour Watchmen prayer line that I am a part of. I was asked back in April if I would like to join the prayer line that actually started on my birthday April 10, 2020. I always had a heart for prayer, but the person who asked me didn’t know that I used to be on the intercessory prayer team for years in Virginia.
I knew God was calling me to serve and to something higher in Him. I answered the call on May 1, 2020. When I first began on the prayer line I shared the flyer about the ministry on social media, but I didn’t share that I was one of the watchmen on the line.  It was still very new and I didn’t have a testimony at that time.
Since I began on the prayer line I have been praying every day, 7 days a week. I get up at 3:30am to get on the prayer line from 4 to 5am. I tell you my whole household has changed since praying!  God now has my sons getting up early to pray as well as my daughter and my mom.  My husband who NEVER liked to read the Word is not only praying every night but is now also enjoying reading the Word.  
There is NOTHING like praying the Word of God every day.  I am honored to be able to stand in the gap every day not just praying for my household, but also for the world.  If you have a prayer request or simply just want to be uplifted from the Word of God going forth, please call The One Global Voice 24 Hour Watchmen Prayer Line, 609-663-0865 any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Also, God is always looking for people to pray. Anyone who feels like God is calling you to this awesome labor of love to become a Watchmen on the prayer line please let me know.
Hello everyone! Hope Ya’ll are having a Victorious Day! As I sit and reflect on God’s goodness, I find myself remembering a very tough time in my life. We were in an unbelievably crazy situation and this was before my daughter Grace was born so it had to be at least 6 years ago.
My girls and I were displaced and I was in between jobs. For two weeks, we lived in a two-seater car. Then we stayed with a friend for a while as I looked for a Leasing Agent job. The whole time during this situation, I faithfully continued to attend my local church, Holding on to the Word of God, I kept telling myself “this is just temporary” and “God, I know you got me”.
Praise God for His faithfulness! Long story short not only did I get a job as a Leasing Agent, I received a discount on my apartment and my discount was more than any company policy would regularly approve (FAVOR)! The company policy also stated I would have had to be working for the company for 60-90 days before I could move on the property. I was able to move into a RENOVATED APARTMENT 3 DAYS after I started the job (FAVOR)! Not only that but my Property Manager, whom I barely knew gave us a TV and furniture (FAVOR)!
My point is, all I had was my faith. Faith in God and faith in his Word. I have seen first hand how God can turn a very bad situation all the way around when you trust him. I believe in the power of prayer!So whomever is going through a bad situation, remember you are not alone!
We are available to stand in agreement with you Anytime 24/365 at 609-663-0865. God Bless!